About Us

Sycamore will simplify your life! Designed by an ER physician and director, we understand the enormous challenges physicians face between fair payment and fair scheduling. Happy physicians make for a better and more effective workplace for everyone, as well as resulting in better care for your patients. The highest quality physicians should be compensated according to skill set and ability. We have created a web-based open marketplace where doctors create their own schedule and dictate fair payment. Sycamore is a place for contract groups and hospitals to find quality physicians to fill all their needs all in one stop.

Who We Are

We are Sycamore – a physician/contract group-hospital employment solution.

What We Are

We are a fair marketplace matching physicians and contract groups/hospitals. Doctors create their own schedule and payment structure. Contract groups and hospitals locate and contract the physicians meeting their specific scheduling and budgeting requirements.

Why We Are

Being in healthcare ourselves, we experience firsthand the frustrations and inefficiencies in physician scheduling. The physician faces an enormous challenge in balancing fair payment and fair scheduling. The hospital or contract group faces constant challenges matching its facility needs with physician availability. Sycamore provides a simple, fair, efficient contracting solution for both parties.

Sycamore Physician Contracting