Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of providers does Sycamore work with?

A: Sycamore empowers acute care MDs, DOs, PAs, and RNs to dictate their schedule and rates without a middleman.

Q: Can residents use Sycamore to find locums work?

A: Residents all over the country use Sycamore to moonlight in their 2nd, 3rd & 4th years - giving themselves the experience to find the perfect permanent job when they graduate (or to make more money as a self-employed, full-time travel doc!).

Q: How does a facility hire a provider?

A: A registered facility has the ability to search open proposals that were created by physicians. Each proposal includes the dates of work and requested rate. A registered facility has the ability to select a proposal that meets its scheduling needs. Once a facility has selected a proposal, the provider is legally contracted to work at the facility at the agreed upon rate. The facility will receive contact information for the hired physician and can contact him or her directly.

Q: What is the difference between Sycamore and the traditional locums model?

A: Sycamore is NOT a locums company. Sycamore is dramatically different. The American healthcare system contains a large temporary staffing sector. However, it is highly inefficient and very costly to facilities. Sycamore is a web-based portal that makes staffing more efficient and equitable to both providers and medical facilities. Our goal is to eliminate the middleman - the agent or the broker who is making money off both the healthcare provider and the facility.

Q: Do I have to be a “traveling doc” to utilize this website?

A: No. Many physicians and mid-levels choose to live and work at a “home base.” However, these providers also recognize the need for emergency staff on a national scale. Many of our providers choose to pick up a few extra shifts on top of their current jobs for a variety of reasons such as extra income and change of practice. They may also choose to work a day while on vacation to offset the expense of the trip!

Q: How much is a membership?

A: Sycamore does not charge for memberships. The site is 100% free to providers and 100% free to facilities. The contract fee is $250 for an established contract regardless of length and is due upon the hiring of the provider. The service commission fee is 9.75% and is above the provider’s contracted rate of pay and is billed after the provider has completed the shifts at the facility. Both the contract fee and service fee are paid by the facility.

Q: Can I talk to someone while I sign up?

A: Of course! Sycamore wants to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Our team would be happy to walk you through the quick registration, help you submit a proposal or hire a provider. Each process typically takes less than five minutes. We also offer a concierge approach if that is your preference. Call us at 256-417-9711 for assistance.

Q: How many providers does Sycamore have?

A: Sycamore has contacts for nearly 6,000 emergency medicine physicians and mid-levels. Our platform does not lock a provider into our service. Instead, our platform allows the provider to utilize our services as needed. Providers can plan their schedules according to where, when, and for how long they want to work.

Q:  What is a proposal?

A: A proposal lists the dates, specifications, and requested rate for which the provider has offered to work.  A proposal is active for ten days unless it has been selected by a facility.

Q: As a facility, can I hire a provider for extended coverage?

Yes! Many providers prefer to have their schedules confirmed in advance. Some providers submit proposals up to a year in advance. Others submit a proposal for one month at a time. This offers the provider the opportunity to work at the same facility for an entire month.

Q: Can I submit more than one proposal at a time?

A: Yes! You can submit proposals up to a year in advance. You should take into account the travel time between locations when selecting dates of work.