A Letter From Our New CEO

f7d95675 9d32 44e9 8237 2cad86ab30f4Dear Sycamore Providers and Facilities,

Congratulations - you are one of the earliest adopters of a monumentally disruptive shift in our industry that will forever change how providers and facilities find and work with each other!

I am delighted to introduce myself as the new CEO of Sycamore Physician Contracting.  If we haven't met already, I'm looking forward to doing so.

I want to share a few details about why I took this job and where Sycamore is headed. 

For the last 15 years, I have worked in product strategy and business development at early stage companies in the software and biotech sectors.  Sycamore’s founders and I have been courting each other for the better part of a year now. For me, Sycamore was love at first sight.  Having worked in the healthcare/biotech industry, I recognize that there are massive inefficiencies that have resulted in inflated healthcare costs and unacceptable patient outcomes.

Frankly, when I learned about Sycamore, my first question was: "Surely something like this must already exist in the locums industry?!"  I was shocked when a rep from a major Locums company blithely told me at a conference that nothing had changed in this industry for over 40 years!  My first thought was: "It's about to!"

Two of our core values at Sycamore are Honesty and Transparency - which both, unfortunately, seem to be in short supply in the locums industry.  Too many providers and facilities have come to live with the fact that "locums are a necessary evil."  Not anymore.  Sycamore is a completely open and transparent marketplace designed to remove unnecessary friction for both providers and facilities.  We believe the result will be massive savings in both costs and time for all parties.

We have a lot of work to do, but we couldn't be more excited.  We know that this revolution in our industry is far, far overdue and a future where locums companies become an unnecessary evil is right around the corner! 

Thank you for doing business with us - we look forward to serving you! 


Larson Hicks
CEO, Sycamore

A Word From Our Senior Account Executive

Kyle Wall

There is an urgent need for healthcare providers to regain what is being taken from them… control and freedom. Control over their lifestyle, freedom to work when and where they want, freedom to charge and get paid what they are truly worth, freedom to set their own times and schedules, freedom to clump shifts together and have control over their own work hours. Sycamore offers all of that and more.

I have been in medicine my entire career - for the past 30 years. First, as a Physician Assistant (PA), then transitioning to the business side of Medicine. I appreciate both aspects of the medical world. I’ve been on both sides. I get it. I have seen it. I have lived it, and I understand both sides.

When I was approached by the Sycamore team with the opportunity to help them achieve their goal of enhancing physician lives by returning the freedom and control of their employment to the physicians, I was blown away by the model. From a business aspect, physicians will be able to earn more money WITHOUT hospitals paying more. Doctors no longer need to go through a locum’s company where large portions of their pay have traditionally gone. Rather, the doctor gets to keep the money saved by avoiding a middleman and put that money in their own pocket where it belongs - with the person responsible for earning the money.

The Sycamore model is simple – yet transforming. It is easily accessible to anyone anytime on a computer or a handheld device. The online platform that Sycamore offers is simple and easy to use. First, a doctor completes a profile, providing state licenses, DEA, CV & certifications. Then, the doctor lists their preferences for pay, hours, locations and special requests. This is made available to hospitals searching to fill shifts. When a match is made, the hospital hires the physician on the terms he set. All contracted payment is paid directly to the physician, without deductions for locums etc... The Sycamore lifestyle leads to an increase in income with a better lifestyle where physicians contract DIRECTLY with facilities. There is no middleman taking your hard-earned money from you. If you want 100% control of your lifestyle, then there is no better time to become a Sycamore Doc or Facility!

I will be at ACEP at the end of the month and would love to meet with you, whether you are a physician or a hospital administrator, let’s bring you onboard! I would love to show you how life is better at Sycamore!


The Buzz Has Caught On!

The BUZZ has caught on and we are excited to announce that we have physicians in 41 states and nearly 200 facilities using Sycamore!  Physicians and hospitals alike are recognizing there is no need for a middleman, and ultimately wages can increase while costs to the facility can decrease by working directly on www.sycamoredocs.com

Great Seeing You on the Road!

We have enjoyed meeting many of you on the conference trail!

We started this year with Leadership and Advocacy 2017 (LAC) in Washington DC, a couple days later we headed south to Orlando for AAEM, then popped over to Grapevine, Texas for the TCEP conference!

We will finish up our "Spring Conference Tour" at SAEM in Orlando May 16-19 and hope to meet you there!

Doctor's Spotlight: Graves Fromang

So, how can Sycamore help me?.... view point of an emergency medicine doctor.  Three things come to mind when I think of the ER lifestyle, outside of medicine: No call; control over schedule; and mobility.

As an ER physician, having the ability to leave work at the hospital and come home to your family and unwind from the grind, is a huge plus of this specialty. Sure, as physicians, we are always worried about patients that we have seen and admitted or discharged (will they follow up, take their meds, etc); however, we are not constantly on edge waiting for our cell phones/pagers to go off for a routine order or new admission.

Though separating yourself from work can be difficult at times, having control over your schedule allows you to pre-plan and look forward to those days when you know that you will have no obligations. I have found that happiness in the workplace is having the ability to control when you work and when you take time off. The planning can be challenging as new events arise, but having the ability to schedule only the shifts I want through Sycamore is a huge advantage.

The beauty of being an independent contractor is having the ability to contract with multiple hospitals at the same time in any area or state. I know plenty of physicians who work per diem on their own predicted schedule. This allows them the mobility and flexibility to work hard and play hard when it is convenient for themselves and their families. I personally like having a full time position with per diem contracts as back up, but I know plenty of physicians who are extremely happy with the “pick up shifts all over” lifestyle.

All three of these factors have allowed me to pursue multiple passions – including church life groups, starting karate with my daughter, fishing on a regular basis, and being present at most holiday, school, and sporting events. Does any work schedule allow people to be present all the time, not always. However, no call, control over your work/life schedule, and the mobility of emergency medicine has provided my family and I with a work-life balance that has continues to grow and mature.

Physician Lifestyle is an interesting phrase to write about. I chose emergency medicine as my future specialty for multiple reasons: I enjoyed the ever-changing fast-pace nature of the specialty; I was able to leave work at work, i.e – no call, no pagers; and for the most part as an independent contractor I had control over my schedule (after residency of course).

Having been in practice now for 4 years and working in multiple hospitals from level one trauma centers to small eight bed rural ERs, I have found that the ability to leave work at work and have control over my schedule have enabled me to take advantage of the ER lifestyle.


— Graves Fromang, DO was born and raised in south Florida in the coastal town of Vero Beach.  He has always been an avid fisherman and enjoys soaking in the salt and sun, chasing the next bite either in the Indian River Lagoon or out on the Atlantic Ocean.  Dr. Fromang holds multiple state licenses and is a SycamoreDoc.

Shifts open at your ED?

Sycamore Physician Contracting allows physicians and facilities to negotiate DIRECTLY!

...without the expense of a traditional locums model.

This allows the physician the BEST RATE, and saves the facility up to 40% in middle-man costs!

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