Don't you hate licensing & credentialing?

Do you really want to spend hours of your life on hold tracking down transcripts? Instead, make your application as easy as paying someone to mow your lawn. Hire a personal licensing and credentialing assistant to tackle your application for you.

Wait, I thought you were a doctor!?

You're a highly-trained medical professional with many years of intense education. We know how valuable your time is. So, why would you waste dozens of your precious hours filling out paperwork, waiting on hold for employment verifications, and corresponding with MSO's? Let us do it. Believe it or not - we're better at it than you are anyway.

Get on the schedule faster.

What's the goal? If you're trying to save money by doing your own credentialing, then you might need to re-check your math. Our credentialers can knock weeks, if not months, off of your credentialing process by making sure everything is done completely and correctly the first time and then making themselves a squeaky wheel on your behalf until everything is done.

Moonlight with ease.

A puppy dies every time a doctor says moonlighting isn't worth the hassle. Please don't be that doctor. You can earn tens or even hundreds of thousands of additional dollars per year moonlighting and doing so can be easy (except for the whole saving lives part - that part's still hard).

Man frustrated by paperwork. Looks defeated.

Licensing & credentialing applications are a huge pain in the #$%!

Are you willing to spend precious time tracking down transcripts, documenting your work history, etc? All to do the same work over again three months from now when you land your next locums gig.

Hire An Application Assistant

Physicians waste dozens of hours on their applications.

You’re a well-paid, highly-educated physician. You can do work that very few people on the planet can do, yet you’re going to spend weeks of your life waiting on hold. Surely, there is a long list of things you’d rather do with your time. (Banging your head against the wall not excluded…)

Hire An Application Assistant
People enjoying life, fun with family and friends, traveling, doing anything but licensing and credentialing paperwork. Wouldn't you rather live life? enjoy friends? see something new? do anything but paperwork?

Your application assistant can do the heavy lifting for you.

Send us your files securely.

With Sycamore, you get free, secure file storage to organize and send all of your professional documents safely.

We’ll fill out your application.

Our team will quickly pull together all of your info, slog through the paperwork, and complete your application.

You review and sign.

You will need to review and sign the completed application before we submit it.

We’ll submit and follow-up.

Sycamore has a team of professional naggers that will follow-up frequently to keep your application moving forward.

You’ll feel like a superhero.

Freeing yourself from filling out licensing and credentialing paperwork will make you feel like you can fly. Enjoy it!


One-Time Application Assistant

Our team will fill out, submit, and follow up often to make sure your licensing & credentialing goes as smooth as possible.

$149 Per Application
Hire An Assistant

Jobs Found Through Sycamore

We’re in this for the long haul. Not only will we help you find great jobs, but we’ll maintain an application packet for you so licensing and credentialing is a breeze from here on out.

Frequently Asked Questions

I found a job outside of Sycamore. Can Sycamore still help me with licensing and credentialing?
Absolutely! We’re here to help you save time and headaches in any way that we can. You can use any or all of our services without finding jobs through Sycamore.
How long will it take you to build my file and submit my application?
Depending on quickly you send us all of your professional documents, most applications are submitted within 10 days. If you need credentialed faster, please contact us to see if we can work together to expedite the process.
I only need credentialed at one site. Do I still need a monthly subscription?
You can order credentialing services a la carte, but keep in mind, the premium subscription also includes licensing help, contract reviews, 1-on-1 mentoring calls with seasoned veterans, and a bevy of other perks.
Do you guarantee that my application will be approved?
We can guarantee that the application is accurate and complete based on the information you provide, but application approval is solely up to your new employer.
Other staffing companies do credentialing for free. Why does Sycamore charge physicians?
Licensing & credentialing assistance is free for jobs you find through Sycamore, but unlike most staffing companies, we'll also assist you with licensing & credentialing applications for jobs outside our network.