On-demand services for independent locums physicians.

Finding jobs. Credentialing and licensing. Bookkeeping and financial advice. We help physicians run their locums careers with the efficiency and professionalism of a business. But you're the boss. You can pick and choose which services you deem necessary.

Job Search

Work when and where you’d like. Explore full-time, part-time, and locums gigs.

Find Your Next Job

Licensing & Credentialing

Hire a personal licensing and credentialing assistant to tackle your applications for you.

Hire An Application Assistant

LLC Formation & Scorp Admin

Maximize your tax savings by running your career like a one-person locums company.

Set Up Your Business

Career Coaching

Set career goals and hit them with coaching and guidance from seasoned physicians.

Hit Your Career Goals

Contract Review

Go forth boldly knowing your contract isn't full of vague terms that could bite you down the road with professional, experienced, legal contract review.

Make Career Choices With Confidence

More to Come...

What other career headaches do you struggle with? Let us know!

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